Saturday, 7 May 2011

Woolacoombe to Braunton ~ 15.1 miles

Yesterday was the big day, I joined Natalie Husk on a leg of her 630 mile walk around the South West Coast Path for The Leprosy Mission. A beautiful walk along the coast in great walking conditions, dry, clear, warm but not hot. One of the congregation, a great old boy (early to mid-70s) joined me for it and all credit to him - he made it. Though he did worry me at one point after quite a few steps from beach to the road above us just as we left Croyde Bay.

Given the years I had on him I had to finish and I was surprised that it wasn't harder than it was. Having said that I had very heavy legs at the end of it. Probably longer than I have ever walked before. My favourite parishoner laughed at the way I got up off the floor last night but after a good sleep I was much refreshed this morning. I think I could possibly have done a stage today as well (as it was shorter and dead flat) and it makes me think I would like to do some more walking.

My overwhelming feeling at the end of it though (even more so than fatigue) was one of admiration for Natalie. It's all very well me doing a day and thinking I might have managed one today as well. But she did walk today - perhaps in rain. And she will walk again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. Each day chipping about a dozen miles off her target of completing the whole thing. So much respect is due! She was a pleasure to walk with and easy company and if you want to sponsor her, there's a link on the Leprosy Mission page.


  1. Well done, Steve. Is it me , though, but your legs seem shorter in the 'finish' photo compared to the 'start'?

  2. :) and the grin is more fixed!
    Thanks, it just adds to my admiration for anyone who runs 26.2 miles! ;)

  3. Thanks Andy. I just have even more admiration now for people who run 26.2 miles!