Thursday, 5 May 2011

Fun to funky

Another occasion where I wonder what they teach in schools these days. I have a wonderful woman who has started as my administrator and two months in I was delighted by her great work.

Then today I played her Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie and she said she had never heard of it before. True she is still under forty, but I ask you. No wonder the clown looks sad.

I assured her that I would write a good reference.


  1. How old do YOU feel! But Bowie is timeless so she's obviously seriously lacking in her quality music knowledge - problem with getting an administrator our age is they probably won't be able to read small print and keep needing to go to the loo as incontinence sets in. It's a tough decision.

  2. Like it!

    She's 39 so falls between both stools! (And with fragile bones that can be a problem!) At the tribunal I plan to argue that at her age she should be more aware of these cultural things. I had to explain to her how the TV show was named after the song. I ask you...