Friday, 20 May 2011

Eating Together

We had a fab lunch last week after the church service. Slow cookers were dusted down, salads tossed and puddings provided by the plateful. And a great time was had by all. This is the second time we have done this as a church and this time 59 people stayed to eat - about 60% of those there.

There really is something good about something as easy and as basic as eating together. Sitting and talking with people you sort of know but sort of don't. Even conversations over the washing up - and there was a lot of that!

People get to know each other better.

Single people get to eat with others, a rare treat so some of them say.

Church is supposed to be a family - and functional families eat together.

I've blogged before here - about how few families still eat together around a table. Recently my favourite parishoner has been reading the Bible with some teenage girls in the church and one remarked last night that her family all choose different ready meals and eat them whenever and wherever. She also said that what she had never had what I cooked before but that it was "lush", so she's always welcome! I think the girls are sometimes a bit bemused by the conversation and joking that takes place around the table amongst us but they learn to join in. It seems like they like it.

Seriously, the combination of bible reading and being with a family close up has great potential. We could really help or really hinder them! It's an exciting opportunity to help. I just mustn't give them food poisoning.

Picture posed by models!


  1. Thanks Steve, surprised to see that Ben had re-styled his hair in the photo - and that walk obviously did you the world of good!!!

    We had the slow cooker cooking up chili for students who came to ours for tea on Wednesday - they don't get into family homes a whole lot during the semester, either.

  2. Yes, I was never brave enough to go to someone else's house for food when I was a student but loved having people back when we were in Canterbury.

    Remember "Ready, Steady, Cook"? Pretty sure I have some photos of Sian wielding a rolling pin in our kitchen that night.