Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Hundred Year Old Man...

Looking for a good read over the holidays?  Take a look at "Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann" - that's "The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared", to you guv.  

It's the debut novel of Jonas Jonasson, a Swedish writer and, is a wonderful and surreal novel which combines the account of a man's life with the adventure that he gets himself into once he has escaped from the old folks home he is living in.  Beautiful written - presumably, it's certainly a brilliant piece of translation - blurring the boundaries between everyday life and fantasy, it's a great read, in my top ten already, I think.  Give it a go!    

Breaking the silence

A very long time (the longest?) between blog posts - sorry.

How to break the duck?  Update you on the adventures of Exeter City?  The new albums by They Might Be Giants or David Bowie?  The slightly bizarre Bowie weekend that is happening on British radio over Easter - (the leper Messiah)?  Continue the Everyday Church series that boasts just the one post so far?   Share some photos or mention the irony of being at a Churches Together Study Day where the theme was every member ministry and all the sessions were led by ordained clergy?

Maybe some of those will be future subjects.  Just wanted to explain  the silence.  It's been hard to keep blogging because we've been through some tough times over the last few months.  A number of people have decided that they needed  to leave the church and it's always painful when families split.  Some have handled it very graciously, others will, I think, look back and think, "I made a bit of a mess of that".  The reason for the lack of blogging is because the blog was being read by people who were looking for evidence of whatever it was they thought I was up to.  Two and two have frequently made for some odd algebra.

Still, the people concerned have left to start their own church.  So I feel that I can blog again.  My sincere hope is that we will all be able to look back on the last year and, one day, say like Joseph, "God meant it for good."  There are far more important things to be doing than raking over old hurts.  So, sorry again for the silence, stay tuned folks...