Thursday, 19 May 2011

Reasons to be cheerful - 1,2,3

Sorry to be silent for a while. Have a whole host of things to catch up on, starting with three reasons to be cheerful that I had today.

1) The new dates and venue for New Word Alive next year and the excellent line up of speakers that they have announced. Already trying to decide whether I go to hear Rebecca Manley-Pippert or Richard Pratt when it comes to choosing seminars. Both are awesome.

2) The new Christianity Explored material came yesterday. I've used the older versions about a dozen times and rate the course very highly. From dipping into the new material, I am struck by the superb production on the new DVD and can't wait for the new course to start (straight after half-term).

3) The pigeons have eaten my brassicas. Admittedly, cheerfulness was not my first reaction but I was able to thank God that it really doesn't matter - we will still eat broccoli whenever we want it.

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