Wednesday, 2 November 2011

It seems God is limited by our prayer life - that he can do nothing for humanity unless someone asks him - John Wesley

Kenneth Hagin - not John Wesley.
I know, I know, snappy title for a blog entry...
But anyone know where this quote comes from?  Is it even Wesley?  I see it attributed to him all over the place but cannot find a reference for it.  Most of the references I have found on the internet are from people like Kenneth Hagin, Creslo Dollar, and others, who, frankly, are the kind of word of faith / prosperity teachers that make extremely cross. 

Thing is, I don't think the sentiment of the quote is true.  I'm all for spurring people to pray but God can't do anything unless we ask him to?!  I find that hard to accept if God is all sovereign and all powerful. 

Hence I want to find out if anyone knows where the quote is from as I think I would like to see it in context.  It's a long shot... but you never know.


  1. Hi Steve

    Apparently Hagin is quoting from a book, The Two Kinds of Faith, written by E.W. Kenyon. Whether Kenyon is quoting Wesley or Hagin has misatributed the quote I don't know, but I imagine most of the quotes on the internet can probably be traced back to Hagin's use of the quote.


  2. Thanks Kevin. This is exactly the problem that I am finding. And frankly I trust Wesley as a guide a lot more than I do Kenyon and Hagin

  3. I haven't found it in Wesley's journal, sermons or Bible notes, at least not in that form.

  4. Thanks Andrew

    Have you found anything like it?


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