Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A great weekend

After clocking off from youth club on Friday night I had a really great weekend this week.

Saturday: Breakfast with the family, met a friend to pray, met up with family and friends to watch my team win 3-0, food at Nandos and wine and talk with an old friend. 

Sunday: Enjoyed church with no responsibilities in the knowledge that I was in the safe hands of  good leaders and preachers, huge lunch, watched the big game and then missed the evening service to take the teenagers group bowling.  And won.  Drop or two more wine and more great conversation.  Fall asleep grateful for the weekend, a day of rest that actually felt like one and, I admit it, just a tiny bit envious of others who have weekends off on a regular basis and perhaps take the blessing for granted.    

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  1. Funny that ..... I had a good weekend as well.