Thursday, 3 November 2011

I want to be a clone...

...or at least learn how to use the clone tool in Photoshop better.  A friend at camera club blew us all away with a Little Planet view of the sea front and so I have been trying to work out how.  It isn't actually all that hard.  What is hard is to do it well.  I'd never used the cloning tool before and clearly need a great deal of practice.  Meanwhile, here are two of my first efforts. 

This is taken from a bird hide on the Somerset levels just this afternoon...

This is the cricket ground at Taunton, taken earlier this summer...

Not great, but the germ of an idea?


  1. I'm Andy, only posing as Siân, and am intrigued, as might she be, in fairness, so keep on practicing 'cos these look fun to me,
    Cheers mate,

  2. Thanks Andy. It's actually very simple - just hard to do well. I added the Cheltenham Festival one for you to remind you of our noble summer game. You must have enough ex-pats there to get a game?