Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Joy (and Pain) of Christian Community

Been enjoying the excellent 'A Meal With Jesus' by Tim Chester and could identify with this quote, as I am sure could anyone pursuing Christian community... 

"This is my experience:  the Christian community often wears me out, winds me up and drives me crazy.  But I also have moments when I look at my brothers and sisters and know the presence of the risen Christ.  It’s not that my community is anything special.  Yet there are moments when I see Christ incognito among the ragtag people sitting in my front room - and then it seems he’s gone again.  You see it in our diversity - a diversity that has no explanation except the work of God.  You see it when people’s hearts burn as God’s Word is interpreted.  You see it in the love people show to one another."

Tim Chester, p.147, A Meal With Jesus

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