Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What's the opposite of happy-clappy?

I only ask because there was a story in the paper at the weekend about a vicar who has resigned due to pressure from a minority of parishioners who objected to the style of some of his services.

You can read it here but be warned of the side-bar of shame as it's from the Mail Online.  Vicar encourages clapping in services is how the Mail on Sunday reported it and further reading reveals that the last straw for some seemed to be clapping in family services to "Shine Jesus Shine" and "He's got the whole world in his hands" (Modern?!  When was the last time you sang that!)  Despite him laying on traditional services as well, people decided this was not the done thing in 'their' church and the choir is reported to have walked out of a Wedding Service in a terribly misguided protest.

The Comments section is quite illuminating and includes a lot of his ex-pupils (he taught RE in a Secondary School) giving him glowing references, as well as a lot of the general readership being supportive, and a few being glad he has left.

My instinct is to side with the vicar, but then I would say that, wouldn't I?  I offer four pieces of supporting evidence.

1)  This man annoyed some by preaching that they should give their life to Christ.  He did this on a regular basis.

2)  In a village of 900 people he was reported to be getting 50-60 kids coming to services.  This is incredible!

3)  He refused to comment when approached by the press, which suggests to great integrity.

4)  Some have commented that there must have been something going on if the choir walked out.  Such people don't know human nature so well.  There's the adaptable joke - "What's the difference between an organist / worship band / choir and a terrorist?  You can negotiate with a terrorist."   And before anyone adds it, I dare say you could add vicar / church official / person of your choice in the place

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