Saturday, 29 June 2013

Photographing Speedway

Had a great night last night with the Camera Club photographing the Somerset Rebel's meeting with Newcastle Diamonds.  The local promoters allowed to to take pictures and we were also able to take advantage of a promotion that got us in for £10.


I went to speedway quite a bit as a teenager but this was only the second time since then.  It was definitely my first time photographing the sport but a great challenge.  Light was poor for most of the night, despite choosing a date as close to mid-summer as possible.  You can never predict the weather, can you?

Didn't get anything spectacular but did okay.  Would like to try it again sometime in better light. 

For the record, we beat Newcastle 51-39.  I think.  

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  1. "Would like to try it again sometime in better light."

    Better Light?? In California we shoot speedway on Firday nights at 8pm.