Wednesday, 12 September 2012

What a beautiful day....

Had just the best day on Saturday and to make the most of it, a long one.  Started with a six o'clock alarm call and the long ride on the underground across London to use our tickets for the Olympic Stadium on the last day of the track and field of the Paralympics. 

We had great tickets, at about the 200 metres mark of the track, 18 rows back.  This meant we saw the triple jump final and some javelin as well as the various races, including guided runners and some wheelchair races.   And being where we were I got to take a few photos too.  I was like a pig in muck!       

The atmosphere was every bit what everyone has reported, an incredible and at times moving experience.  Helped by the fantastic weather, which sent weaker members of my family looking for shade at one stage, it all added up to a terrific day out.  It's been a long time since I was in a big stadium in such hot weather, it brought to mind some of those concerts of my youth at the old Wembley.

The tickets were very fairly priced, we had the most expensive tickets for our three and a quarter hour session and that was £30 for us adults and a fiver for the marginally smaller of us.  This included our travelcards all the way across London, which (if I have read the complicated charts correctly, as a hick from the country, I may not have) would normally have been about half the cost of our tickets altogether.  A bargain, to be honest.     

Aftrewards, back to the friends we had lodged with the night before, tea and cricket on the lawn before heading back west late in the afternoon.  A fabulous day, thanks in no small part to Sebastian Coe and LOCOG who have done us proud with the Games. 
Where are all the cynics and sceptics now?  For a few weeks we've lapsed into being positive and optimistic and Britain has been an even brighter place to be.  It's been a summer holiday from the naysayers.  Sure we have problems, but perhaps we aren't in such a bad way as we tell ourselves we are.  I wonder how long we'll stay positive? 

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