Saturday, 22 September 2012

Football crazy

I've been to a lot of football this season already, all four home games in the league at Exeter City.  It's great to spend two or three hours thinking about nothing else but the game, a welcome break from the day to day pressures and problems of church life! 

It started badly, 3-0 down to Morecambe in about 35 minutes on day one, but since that defeat, five wins and a draw and sitting pretty in 3rd.  Early days, obviously, but it could be a great deal worse. 

Today they are over at Southend and so I am getting slight withdrawal symptoms.  This afternoon finds me tied to the radio trying to make out the commentary on Radio Devon.  The static only adds to the atmospehere, I haven't listened so avidly to such poor reception since the days of Radio Luxembourg.        

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