Sunday, 22 January 2012

Super Sunday

That's what they have been calling the big football matches on Sky today.  And from what I saw of the Man City vs. Tottenham game it lived up to it's billing.  But my Super Sunday started earlier and was, I reckon, more super.

The service this morning was great.  From before I arrived here I have been praying for the musicians we needed to form a band who could lead us in church.  So, about seven years!  This morning we had a band lead us for the first time and they did a terrific job.  They led firmly but sensitively and when I got up to preach I felt that they had set things up beautifully and I had a platform to build on.  I think I managed not to fumble the ball and people were in great spirits afterwards.  Some who were nervous about having a band (drums, bass, piano and voices) were relieved and appreciative afterwards and the feedback was incredibly positive. 

It was also our Gift Day - previous posts acknowledge that, like for a lot of churches and organisations, we are feeling the pinch and one outcome of this is that I am currently part-time.  Electrical work in the building and a need to replace the lighting pushed us over the edge, hence we had the Gift Day.  The response was excellent and we now have enough to cover the work and a good chunk towards addressing the deficit in our budget.  To give an idea of the scale of this, the Gift Day brought in more than a quarter of our total offerings for the whole of last year. 

We then had a great meal together afterwards.  We have been doing these more often recently and numbers have grown as we have gone along.  It seemed especially appropriate that we ate together in a mood of celebration today and so Super Sunday was great for me before a ball was kicked.  Now we need to pray for a guitarist.  I hope and pray it will be less than seven years this time.      

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