Thursday, 19 January 2012

Behind the times

Further proof that you could give a monkey a blue or red rosette in some parts of the country and he'd be elected. On Friday a Private Members Bill will be debated in Parliament to adopt the use of British Summer Time throughout the year.  I would like that bill to be passed and maybe, one day, it will. 

However, Jacob-Rees Mogg opposes the move and has tabled an amendment to reintroduce GWR time, which uses local time for trains - or at least it did until the 1840s.  This would leave Somerset time 15 minutes behind the rest of the country.  "Only 15 minutes?", I hear you cry.  As one poster on the website puts it, currently when it's 6pm in London, in Burnham-on-Sea it's 1972. 

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