Saturday, 7 January 2012

366 challenge

Been taking pictures as part of the 366 challenge, one a day.  This week I spent a great couple of days in the New Forest with friends and as well as much appreciated laughter and discussion and prayer there was the chance to explore a new place and get a picture in the sunshine. 

In case you thought I have given up already , I haven't!  I'm posting them each day on my Flickr account and at 365Project. Really enjoying it so far, it's going to be harder on the dull days but the fact I have to take something is a great motivation. 
If you want to see them each day it's either:

This is where I have more pictures.

This is where lots of people are taking the challenge and we all post one a day.
Thanks for the positive feedback!  Will try and blog about something else next time.

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