Saturday, 28 January 2012

Cirencester 12 Burnham on Sea 14

Good game of rugby today, I went back to my home town to watch the game between Ciren and Burnham, my current town of residence.  As a result wasn't altogether sure who to support but in the end found myself rooting for Burnham.  A cold clear day, good to meet up with family and friends and at least attempt my Mum's lunch, somewhere between two and three times larger than it needed to be!    

The only try of the game.

Lining up the winning kick, scored about two minutes from time.


  1. Hi Steve, love your photos on Flickr, especially like the Groynes, the wreck and the starlings. The light through the venetian blinds made my eyes go bozzy!!

  2. Thanks Catherine, I'm slowly getting better ;) Hope to see you guys again soon