Saturday, 16 July 2011

They Might Be Giants - Live in London

Great to see them back in Blighty, again playing to a partisan crowd. There is something rather lovely as a fan to be with a crowd of people who sing along to the words when most friends will say, "Who?" when TMBG come up in casual conversation - as they frequently seem to. Reference to "Birdhouse in Your Soul" ususally rings a distant bell but that is usually as far as it goes. People - there is so much more to know!

KOKO (the former Camden Palace) was packed last night. Reference was made by the band to the huge numbers on the manager's guest list and I do wonder if the capacity of 1410 was stretched - it certainly felt very full. Or perhaps middle aged men take up more space, the crowd was mostly guys my age.

They started with "Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head", followed with "Particle Man" and we were away. As energetic as you'd expect. The new stuff sounds good. They are running an offer on the website to download the new album for $9.99. The relase date is Monday but by pre-ordering you get four advance tracks so the real nerds sang along anyway. Guilty m'lud. A personal favourite was "Turn Around" which I suspect isn't always on the live set.

Had to leave just before the end to catch the last train west but, overall, great dad/daughter bonding time. We tried photos with little success but also tried to film with slightly better results. We have a couple of songs but the files are too big for here. TMBG play Latitude in Suffolk today - albeit criminally low down on the bill. Sky Arts are covering the festival though the best we can probably hope for is a quick "Birdhouse" in the highlights programme.

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