Tuesday, 26 July 2011

It's Oh So Quiet

I am on a short break to read and be quiet and get back to being a little more grounded for a few days. This involves taking myself away for some time and means that I hardly speak to a soul all day. Other than calling my family today, my only significant conversation was about how I wanted my fish and chips at lunchtime. I know, hardly suffering, but it's not something I relish.

Yesterday was my first day of this and I hated it and felt like coming home. But today was easier and I won't be jumping into the car at the first opportunity in the morning - though I am due home tomorrow.

I think it is probably good for me, slowing down and photographing the roses, and that fact that it doesn't come naturally doesn't mean it is a bad thing for me to do. While I have been here I have been reading about sabbatical and whilst the promise of this wonderful oasis is shimmering over the horizon next year for me, I need to think about how to practice sabbath each week and even for a short time every day. That needs to start now.

Question is, how to rearrange my time to do this?

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