Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Jim nearly fixed it for me

On Sunday I came so close to the kind of experience that only normally comes along courtesy of Jim'll Fix It. A football website I follow was asking if a keen photographer wanted to go to Exeter City to photograph players and fans at the unveiling of the new kit. The regular club photographer was taking advantage of the brief close season to go on holiday and he was even offering a day with him at a home match in return for helping him out.

Commented on this to family saying it was a shame I couldn't do it to which they asked me, why not? And I worked out that I could just about do it with some careful planning and a slightly earlier than usual departure from church after the morning service. The announcement said to just make yourself known on the day but as it is a 100 mile round trip I didn't want to get there to find they already had someone, so I emailed the guy in question. I also prayed that if this was a silly idea then it wouldn't happen.

Long story short, it didn't happen. Sent email does not equal read email and the guy opened it too late. Was probably for the best as nerves and camera shake don't go together well. It would be a dream to sit with the others on the sidelines and snap away but best not think about giving up the day job!

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  1. Just e-mail and ask if you can go along to a game - I asked Jimmy Hill (when he was chairman of Coventry City) and got a press pass to a third round FA Cup tie at Highfield Road in the early 80; but be warned, you'll leave with lens envy!