Thursday, 3 February 2011

A tramp in the forest

Was in the Forest of Dean for a meeting today and so thought I would make the most of it and take a walk in the woods while I was at it. There is a Sculpture Trail there near Coleford and inspired by the brilliant talk given at Camera Club this week by the exceptionally talented and humble Tony Howell, I thought I'd get out and do some landscape photography. Sadly the weather was very dull and grey, so don't think I came back with any great pictures but it was good to get out and walk, think and pray. Mistakenly read that the Trail was 2-3 miles when it said 2-3 hours. It was 7 miles and took me 3 hours as I was stopping to take pictures at decreasingly regular intervals. Saw perhaps a dozen people in all that time and two of those were from the Guardian asking the occasional visitors what they thought of the government's plans to sell off large swathes of forest. Gave them nothing coherent.

The sculptures were not that great, though there were a couple I liked. My favourite was Cathedral a large stained glass window hung high in the trees at the end of a pathway. It was the one I was most keen to photograph and (sadly) the one at the furthest point from the car park.

To see a really talented landscape photographer, check out Tony's site. He's a world class pro, living just down the road here in Burnham.

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