Friday, 4 February 2011

The King's Speech

Contains spoiler - if you have been living down a well for the last month.

Finally caught the film that everyone is raving about last night. It has done terrific business around here and I've heard nothing but rave reviews but I didn't think it was all that, to be honest. Well acted and a great cast and everything but the story itself just seemed a bit lame to me. Man has stammer, meets another man who helps him, end of. (Sorry if I've just spoilt the film for you.)

Perhaps I lack sympathy. I mean, speaking in public - how hard can it be?

I say this very tongue in cheek, I have vivid memories of drying when called upon to say a few words. The first one was as a kid when asked to say thank you to the person who presented the prizes at school one year. They chose me as someone who hadn't won a prize - a feat I managed to replicate every single year of my school career.

Actually, speaking in public is really daunting for a lot of people, something I can forget these days as I do it every week. Proof? The cinema owner rang me to record the film information for the cinema line for him this week. His usual person is away and neither he nor any of his staff would do it.


  1. It's an excellent film! It has Colin in it!

  2. Clearly, as the Oscars prove, I know nothing!