Friday, 11 February 2011

100 not out

After I had been here a while I got a call from the then Church Secretary, who told me that one of the church members was going to be 100 in the next few days. He then went on to say that the church's policy on such occasions was for the Pastor to take some flowers round. I had just arrived from a young church with hardly anyone over pensionable age and it amused me to think taht I had joined a church which had any kind of policy on what to do in the event of a member celebrating their 100th birthday.

On reflection I think he rather overstated it in terms of it being a policy as such, no-one else around here seems to know about it. Still, it is a nice thing to do and so I repeated the experience again today, with another lady from the church reaching her century. The flowers from the church joined the other buckets full - but what else do you buy someone in this situation? She was in good spirits and enjoyed showing off her cards. Wonder when I'll next be called upon to exercise the policy?

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