Monday, 7 February 2011

God TV

Off today to a three day pastoral Refreshment Conference which, if it is as good as last year's, will be very good indeed. The focus is more on you and God, less on you and the job. Ministers need to hear this from time to time.

Thought I'd post this in the meantime. One of the drawbacks of getting Sky to watch the sport is that you get a lot of rubbish thrown in for free, including the religious programming. There is some good stuff. There is a terrible amount of dross and I shudder for how many will be put off or led astray by the theological pornography that some peddle. Strong words perhaps but I get very angry at some of the rubbish (being polite again) that is peddled by charlatans. And reading my Bible I think Paul had something to say about some of them too.

Anyhow, (keep it light, keep it light)I like the cartoon and the link is below in case you want to see more of the man's work.

I will come back more mellow...

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