Monday, 4 August 2014

Running 1

I want to record my progress - or lack of it - in training for my first ever Half Marathon.  I've promised a few updates to the good people that have offered to sponsor me for it but, don't worry, it won't be a step by step account.  I'll spare you all the detail. 

I joined a gym nearly 15 months ago and at the induction, the young girl gave me some exercises to get me started.  It included 10-15 minutes of walking on a treadmill.  It hurt my pride a little but I have since progressed to a bit of running.

This will probably be my first and only Half Marathon.  Because I've discovered that a bit of running isn't enough.  According to the running plan I am following, I need to do a lot more than a bit. I am three weeks into a twelve week programme and according to my times, I'm getting slower.  But I am middle aged and I'm running further each week.  I am determined to finish, for reasons that I'll go into later.

Week 4, here we come...

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