Thursday, 9 January 2014

A bit of culture

Some of which was a bit wasted on us, to be honest.  As I think I recorded elsewhere, I preferred the photography at the Orange County Fair to that on display at the Getty Center but what do I know.  Nothing really floated by boat more than the sensational architecture of the place itself.  Scorching hot and the white stone of the buildings really stood out against the blue sky.  I spent more time looking at the buildings than the treasures they contained.  Hmm, there's a sermon illustration in there somewhere....

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  1. Steve, I was searching for other male middle aged bloggers and ended up here, and guess what is your post on the main page: Getty Museum, that I visited 3 years ago and the memories are still so fresh. It is not only a remarkable building, the views are spectacular, the gardens are lovely, and the art collection is remarkable. Keep up the good work.