Saturday, 28 December 2013

Alex James on Celebrity

Christmas is a great time to sit and read and let the world go by a bit.  We had a great Christmas, services were well attended and (I'm told) well received as well.   Now a bit of time to eat, drink, sleep, and read.  

Interesting read, "Bit of a Blur", the Alex James autobiography. (He was the bass player in Blur) He estimates that he spent a million pounds on champagne and cocaine, slept with dozens of fans and models, and stayed in decadent luxury around the world. Yet, at the 'height' of it all, he says, 

"This was the top of the hill. What else could life hold? It's funny, but when I look back I think that period of my life was the bottom of a pit, rather than Mount Fantasticus. I was a morally bankrupt, drunk fatso with a stupid grin and a girlfriend with a murdered heart." (Quote sanitized a bit).    

It's on page 225, if you want to verify it.  

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