Monday, 30 December 2013

Orange County Fair

Because we were on holiday visiting friends we ended up doing a lot of things that we wouldn't have even known about otherwise.  The Orange County Fair was a good example of this.  It was vast, and seemed to centre on eating and fairground rides - not necessarily the greatest combination but it seemed popular.  It was here I tried a corn dog; okay but not great.  Won't be rushing to repeat that one.  

Elsewhere there was the agricultural fair, which it was presumably what it started as, bands (had we stayed we could have seen the 'English' Beat play) and plenty of exhibitions and competitions.  I spent time in the photography section and absolutely loved the pictures in the competition there.  Most of what I saw was in the youngsters and youth categories and it was miles better than the photography that I saw later at the Getty Centre.  

An interesting slice of Americana, great fun, and a baking hot day.  Terrific fun and we'd have missed it if it were not for our chums.    


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