Sunday, 1 July 2012

Halfway through my 366 challenge - some reflections

Well, I've probably chosen the wettest year of my life to try this but yesterday marked the halfway point of my 366, taking and posting a picture everyday for the year.  I started a few days early, hence the halfway stage was reached on 29th June.

So far it has taught me to get out and about on days when you can't be bothered.  The windmill was photographed in January on a cold day and without the challenge I wouldn't have left the house. 

I've also learned that it's often good to go out shooting with someone else, I took off for the afternoon with someone I was at a conference with and watching how and where John was looking for pictures helped me find this image in Sidmouth. 

Dull rainy days (and we've had a lot of those) and looking at other people's shots on Flickr helped me shoot some things indoors. 

Seeing ordinary images in a new way and learning some basic Photoshop skills helped with this picture of a dandelion. 


And never be afraid of the cliched shot!  I have recently acquired a 'nifty fifty', a 50 mm lens which gives wonderfully narrow deep of field when it's opened up.

I think I like this sort of shot because without glasses this is what my world looks like. 

So, other reflections halfway through my 366 challenge?  It has been easier while on sabbatical and having so much more time.  Some days it feels like a chore and I wonder why I have done it.  I have shot some real rubbish some days (see here if you don't believe me 366 Photo Challenge).  I have considered giving up a few times but if I did I wouldn't have got a lot of my pictures.  I've experimented a bit and sometimes it comes off, others it doesn't.  Looking back at the results I'm pleased I've hung in there.  I'm not sure I'd do it again. 

Let's see how it looks on New Year's Eve.

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