Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Rafael Benitez - Church Guru?!

Very interested to read two very different things this afternoon that said the same thing. 

The first was the book Simple Church, (Thom S. Rainer and Eric Geiger) whihc advocates that you first work out what your philosophy of church is and then reflect that through everything you do, ensuring a process between one thing to the next.  Recruitment is made on the basis of people buying into your church philosophy.  Ministries either serve that philosophy or they become ex-ministries.  You do the stuff you are there to do and scrap the rest.  Quite radical.  Quite scary.  Quite obvious.  Quite rare.

The second thing I read was Rafael Benitez' piece in the i newspaper today that advocates pretty much the same thing.  He advocates establishing a philosophy for your football club: "England above all need the clubs to decide on the style of football they want to play, from academy through to first team.  They must then coach  the coaches in that style and then coach the players."  Otherwise, he says, the ones who aren't quite up to Premiership level end up going out on loan under managers with different philosophies and different styles of play, which is unhelpful. 

He goes on, "You must decide on a system; deciding, for instance, that  you want to play the ball on the floor, not in the air, and then you need to create a philosophy at your club where everyone has the same one."  This would translate in Simple Church terms to all the ministries pulling in the same direction rather than doing what each ministry leader likes best.  He also suggests recruiting on this basis too - "You stick to it, no matter who is manager, and you appoint a manager with that vision."

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