Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Had a good night out with the Camera Club last night at the Tropiquaria, a night that inevitably sparked a bit of banter about the nature of creation with one of the guys I spar with on a regular basis.   The Meerkats are real posers but not all the animals were quite so co-operative. 

Even then, when a peacock turns it back on you it is a terrific sight.  The eyes have it!

The top and foot of the rhea, neither end looks that great.   Wouldn't want to pedicure those.   

Perhaps the highlight was being allowed in the cage with these little fellas, a chance to get some shots without the bars of the cage in the way.  17 135 - the number of the beast?

So, a fun night out at Club Tropiquaria, though the rumour that drinks were free turned out to be unfounded.  And if you have that truly dreadful song in your head for the rest of the day then I can only apologise. 

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