Sunday, 9 October 2011

Elim @ Bristol

Spent a couple of days at a good conference in the heart of Bristol this week, in Stokes Croft.  More details in a future blog.  Stokes Scroft is best known recently for the recent riots after Tesco opened a Tesco Express there - which was kind of asking for it - the place has a vibrant culture of street art. 

This is the only one that I knew anything of, an original Banksy on the side of a building just down the road from where we were meeting.  Didn't know it was there before I stumbled upon it during a lunchtime stroll.   

All of the following photos were taken within about 20 yards of each other, on one of the junctions of Jamaica Street and a couple of side streets. 

The great thing is that on the same crossroads you had the Elim @ Bristol church building displaying this reproduction of a Banksy.  Thought that this was so cool, as it fits with the street art around it and at the same time gives something of the Christian message of love, peace and hope in an area which has seen people throwing more than flowers around recently.  Very cool.

And inside we were greeted by the friendliest welcome team ever, a group of black, white and oriental brothers and sisters.  The conference was off to a good start before the first session kicked off!

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