Sunday, 27 March 2011

School visits

I had a week that included standing in front of three different classes and being asked any question they wanted recently. The kids were Year 4 and Year 6. I tried by best but as you can see, some of the questions can be pretty random. Some of those that I remember are listed below:

  • We are doing about weddings at Brownies at the moment. What would your top wedding tip be?

  • Why do we say that Jesus was God's son if Mary was his mother?

  • If you had a fantasy pet to represent your job, what would it be?

  • How often do you use your organ?

  • You do a lot of weddings and funerals - how many divorces do you do?

  • What about the dinasours?

  • When you do a baptism, how long do you hold them under for?

  • Who created God?

  • What are you favourite parts of the job?

  • What are your main beliefs?
I really enjoy these sessions, the hour flies by, I also try to remember that who I am will probably make more of an impression than the answers I give. So I try to be a good ambassador by being friendly and kind and the like and I also try not to be too remote or strange because sadly most of the these kids know nothing of church and are starting from scratch. So friendly and normal are what I aim at. Whether I pull it off is another matter!

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