Monday, 28 March 2011

Lent Sermons - an aside

Well, today's hunt for something other than the usual (for me) in listening to sermons each day didn't go so well today. I decided to visit Preaching Today, a website that is worth subscribing to for the illustrations that it throws up for a preacher, once you have got past all the American sports illustrations, that is. Well, today I discovered that they have an audio sermon archive and that on the sidebar you can specify types of preacher - men, women and ethnic. Out of 864 sermons on the database, two are by 'ethnic' preachers and one is labelled as being by a woman. And she has the first name Howard, which makes me think it was probably an error in the database. So out of 864 sermons on the site, 862 are by white males. I guess I need to keep on looking.

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