Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Back from an all too brief break between Christmas and New Year, think I took the bank holidays and one day's leave this time. Must remember this when I feel tired early in the New Year. Lovely to see friends and family we then came home to (more) Christmas cards, a credit card bill and a funeral request. Back in the saddle for tomorrow's service, the first of 2011 as we start thinking about "Respectable Sins", inspired by Jerry Bridges' excellent book of the same name.

New Year's resolutions? I am old enough to know better.


I could do with eating and drinking less, exercising, praying and sleeping more. I'd like to improve as a photgrapher, do some more writing (an ambition so vague that I fear it will never happen) and .... oh, you know, the usual. Who knows what the year holds? I guess I want to be faithful in good times and bad - perhaps the best resolution I can make this year.

All the best everyone.

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