Sunday, 18 July 2010

Clevedon v Exeter City

Went to a wet and windy Clevedon during the week to see Exeter's first pre-season friendly of the year. Not many of us there, (a couple of hundred?). I guess in church terms this was like going to the mid-week missions meeting - only for the very keen. I went on my tod, drawn by the chance to see some of the new faces I had read about. David Noble looked a long way from fitness after a long lay-off but clearly has class. Joe Heath got up and down and looked useful. So did Jake Thomson, very nippy, and Daniel Nardiello scored a good goal. Lots to be positive about and worth getting wet for. Good to get some air as well after a day off spent doing my tax return at home. Simple pleasures for a boy.


  1. Got my first ever baseball game tickets lined up - here's hoping I can work a little out before I get there - and they say cricket's slow! Go Angels... What's Exeter's team name?

  2. Exeter's nickname is The Grecians, though no-one really seems to know why. I've always fancied going to a baseball game, I think it's the kind of thing I could really get in to. Have a good time and do let me know how you get on.