Saturday, 8 May 2010

We are staying up, we are staying up!

What a game. We give away a soft goal in the second minute and then play superb football to win 2-1 with a winning goal eight minutes from time. Even when it feels like time is running out I still feel this is a terrific game of football. So, over 46 games it was decided in the last ten minutes. In front of a capacity crowd (the best atmosphere I've ever experienced at St James Park) we beat play-off qualifying Huddersfield to stay in League One.

I am kept in touch with the other games thanks to the sterling efforts of my Tranmere supporting mate, Geoff. His texts turn out to be more reliable than the half time scores given at Exeter at half-time. I ring him at full-time in the bedlam and cannot hear a word he says.

As Steve Perryman says to me at the end of a game, "This is as good as a promotion". (I find myself stood next to him as we applaude at the final whistle. In case you don't get the heavy name drop he played 866 games for Tottenham, one for England and is an MBE. He is Director of Football at Exeter and sits in the Family Stand leading the singing. It's one crazy club.) I take up his offer of a handshake and garble something incomprehensible before thanking him.
I embrace the club on-pitch announcer (in fairness I know him from a church in Exeter) and I think everyone feels like this is a promotion.
It's been a funny old week and to be honest it feels good to blow off some steam at a football match. Now for the peace and quiet of the cricket season. Until June 11th that is, and the start of the World Cup Finals.
Photo: Steve Perryman MBE and Paul Tisdale - what a team!

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