Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Pere Ubu

Bit of a cult band that I know nothing about. But I had Cloudland on cassette pre-university and liked it enough to download in due course. Die hard fans aren't sure about the album apparently, on the grounds they went commercial but I have nothing to compare it to. Cloudland is patchy but I love parts of it.

I found them via the Chart Show or some such vehicle when Waiting for Mary appeared. Some digging on the internet shows it is their only US hit and it didn't chart in the UK.

Love, Love, Love on the other hand was a hit in the UK. Reached 88. Their only hit here.

They have a great song called Ice Cream Truck as well about how too many people make music that no-one wants to hear. Hmm..

Guess it's a minority interest... See what you are missing in the top right hand corner of the screen under Our Friends Eclectic.

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