Monday, 17 May 2010

Creating a bit of a splash

We had a great day on Sunday with something that hasn't happened in our church for many a year. Despite being a Baptist church we were in danger of being prosecuted by the Trades Descriptions people as baptisms were becoming such a rarity. However on a glorious morning we baptised four people yesterday. One was the mother of a friend from Canterbury who had been a Christian for 32 years and had only just got to the point of being baptised. And I thought my reactions were bad. Another became a Christian a couple of years ago in a different church, a woman in her early twenties. The other two were a married couple who first came to the church exactly a year ago for our over 60s holiday club. They stayed on and did the Christianity Explored course and made commitments to follow Jesus and now they have been baptised too.

It's a real joy and privilege to be a part of this. One of the veterans here reckons we have had, perhaps, five other baptisms in the past ten years and so this has been a massive boost to us as a church family. With some of the nonsense that sometimes takes the attention in church life this is a terrific encouragement to us as we start our second over 60s holiday club this week and a reminder of what is truly important. A good day!

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