Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Memo to self - switch off the mic

Poor old Gordon Brown - caught out by forgetting that he was wearing a microphone as he drove off from an engagement. He was heard to be complaining that the woman he was speaking to was a bigot. You can hear it here:
Some observations:
  • I must be careful to be sure that I turn off the microphone after church - there is an (apocryphal?) story of a preacher who didn't do this before he used the toilet.
  • What Gordon said was very restrained and pretty mild - I have done much worse.
  • Jesus warns us that what you have whispered in someones ear in the inner room will one day be shouted from the rooftops. (Luke 12:3) A very sobering thought. He is warning his followers not to be like the Pharisees - the top religious people of the day. They looked great in public but were pretty lousy when they were not on show.
  • The last thing I can do is point the finger here because I have been guilty of far worse - I need to watch my mouth whether there is a microphone within a ten mile radius or not.
  • I am especially grateful for forgiveness as I think about this.

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