Friday, 23 April 2010

Mind the Gap!

It's that really nervy time of the year for those who follow a football team. Exeter have had their first season in League 1 for some time and are hanging on for dear life. Three games to go and a good time to stop and take stock. Mike Blackstone has a great piece on his blog which reminds us how far the club has come ion the last few years.

In summary - administration, a corrupt board who went to prison over it, Michael Jackson and Uri Keller, conference football, Man Utd in the cup, relay on TV, financial stability, the only fan Trust owned club in the league, employment of a (genius) manager whose previous management of a team was that of a University football team, promotion back into the League two years ago followed by another promotion into League 1. There is a great book on the recent history if you are interested. Which I doubt.

Which takes us to this year. Playing Norwich, Leeds, Charlton, Southampton - all far bigger sides than us with much deeper pockets. The bulk of our side are the same players who were playing in the conference two years ago. Our playmaker was signed from Weston Super Mare for crying out loud. They have done brilliantly to get this far. It's a measure of success on and off the pitch that we paid money for a player for the first time in (I think) eight years. Troy Archibald Henville (think of the merchandising at £1-50 a letter!) then was immediately sidelined for the rest of the season with an injury sustained warming up.

Six weeks ago we looked doomed and then a nine game unbeaten run saw us looking good. Then last week we lost and EVERYONE around us won. We are now two points and one place off the drop zone. Home to Charlton, away to Hartlepool, home to Huddersfield; four and a half hours that will decide the season.

I'm excited. I'm scared. I love this game. I hate this game.

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