Thursday, 25 March 2010

When the cat's away the mouse gets sick

I am getting a bit sick of getting sick but the latest cold virus thing has got me again. This is the fourth (and truth be told, least) illness since I started to blog. Can't see that there is a link but for someone who enjoys good health normally it is all rather tiresome. Been some tough work things going on and me thinks my body doth protest.

I'll spare you the details but had to leave suddenly during the church AGM last night which goes, once again, to underline the wisdom of the man who said not to worry about tomorrow as it will have enough worries of it's own. All that time spent in preparation...

Time for a break, I'm looking forward to Easter. For so many reasons.

PS - oblique title refers to the fact that my wife gone and left me, sur le continent for a few days.

1 comment:

  1. That tale about the elderly poet sounds hair raising!! What an uncomfortable experience!
    I hope your wife is having a good time, sorry to hear the bugs are biting again and thanks for the comment on my new blog! Can't think much of it will interest you much but it's lovely to get some feedback. x