Thursday, 25 February 2010

Watching Sports I Don't Understand

There's something about the Winter Olympics, I really enjoy watching sports that I don't really understand, have not seen before or even that I never knew existed. The women's short skating was an incredible sight today, I had no idea who was skating next as four teams and a total of sixteen skaters whizzed round - but it was fun to watch. Not so fussed about some of the better known sports; skiing is okay, ice hockey is too fast to know what happens until it did and you can keep your ice-skating. But for me the absolute best is the curling. (My very significant other says it's a combination of sport and housework.) I have watched two games all the way through, all two and a half hours worth and the time flies by. Must be my age.


  1. The thing with ice hockey is, after you've watched one or two games in the flesh you get the idea of what happens and can anticipate where you should be looking on the screen. Fancy a trip to Cardiff to watch a game this Sat evening?

  2. sorry Kevin, no can do tonight - sermon to finish. Are you playing or watching?