Saturday, 20 February 2010

Back in the saddle

A lovely few days away with chums in the Cotswolds; looking good after a dusting of snow. (The Cotswolds, not the chums). Friends you have had most of your life are very precious, especially as you move around from place to place.

The whole relaxing experience is rather spoiled by Exeter City losing to bottom placed Stockport at home today. We are now in the relegation zone and things are beginning to look a little precarious. Thirteen games to go but Stockport had not won a game in 17 before now. Not looking promising.

To cheer myself up I offer Max Wall with the cover of an Ian Dury song for your entertainment. It has all the wit you'd expect of a Dury song and sounds very much like the Blockheads are backing him. It makes me smile and in a better world would be played at the end of discos when people have had a few. Soon be my 50th and it will be on the shortlist.

Back into the saddle tomorrow and looking forward to catching up with people, even though I was only away for three days.

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  1. in the cotswolds ... and you didn't visit?