Monday, 15 February 2010

£56 Million

When the lottery was first launched we all played the game, "What would you do with a million pounds?" I was of the opinion then that to win such a large amount of money could just as easily be a curse rather than a blessing. There's obviously nothing wrong with having money, surely what matters more is what you do with it. But when it's a £56 million, as the big win on the Euro millions this week is, maybe the big concern is what the money will do to you.

Whereas the news of the win would normal pretty much pass me by (even as a record win) I see the winner is from near Cirencester, my home town. Bizarre as it might sound, I hope, whoever it is, that it doesn't ruin life for them. I reckon that living in or near Ciren is pretty much a lottery win anyway, but then I would!

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