Tuesday, 14 July 2009

This is the week that wasn't

I got the bug. Swine flu or (even worse) man flu? Who knows. A reasonably mild dose but enough to stop me in my tracks for a few days and the enforced isolation means I got bored. On catching up with a friend's news via their Blogspot I figured, "Why not try give it a try?" I mean, if the Draycotts have worked it out then how hard can it be?

I am, meanwhile, reminded again that whilst I am laid low, the work I am doing marches on. I may have had to cancel things but I am not as indispensible as I would like to think and that is a good reminder for anyone, especially those of us who work for a church.


  1. My word, Steve - if you look anything like the photo, then it's definitely the deadly man-flu you're suffering from.

    Welcome to the world of blogging!


  2. Good photo of you Steve - you've got more handsome since I last saw you! Blog on, Stu D