Monday, 4 November 2013

Portsmouth 3 Exeter City 2

The famous frontage - the only mock Tudor fronted football ground?

Great opportunity to photograph in a great stadium on Saturday.  Portsmouth have had a few bad seasons of late and their fair share of troubles, underlined by the hoardings proclaiming their 2008 FA Cup Final win just five years ago.   Their support has held up well though, over 16,000 fans showed up for this one.

Pompey fans - apparently not too keen on Southampton

Horribly windy day and Portsmouth took a three goal lead before City redoubled their efforts and clawed a couple back.  At the end there were six minutes added time but it wasn't quite enough, great game though. Even so, possible highlight for being surreal was the speech from the pitch that we were treated to about Charles Dickens at half-time.  That was a first!  

From the away end the photography is from a pit that you stand in - different

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