Friday, 1 November 2013

It's like the Ashes with hot dogs...

The Angels Stadium - one of my favourite pictures from holiday

The Red Sox did it.  Or rather, David Ortiz did.  A convincing 4-2 win over St Louis and I confess that I watched pretty much all of it.  Great stuff.

We're talking baseball, in case you're wondering.  I don't fully understand how it works but having seen a game in the summer, I was immediately hooked.  A friend took us to see the LA Angels.  We chose Mike Trout as our favourite player before we saw him play because how can you not root for a guy with a name like that?  Turns out he's their star player but we didn't know that - honest.   "We" beat the Toronto Blue Jays.  A brilliant evening that the whole family enjoyed.  Normally that would be the end of it but on returning home I found that, due to a BT broadband line, I was able to watch baseball here too.  Hence being able to watch the World Series.  Had we made the trip to watch the Dodgers instead we'd have had a longer season as they were contenders at one point.  But you know how it is, support your local team.      

I see that there is a South West League over here.  It comprises four teams, Bristol, Plymouth, Exeter and (oddly) Torbay.  If I was ten (or twenty) years younger...  As it is maybe I'll take a camera along sometime.  


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