Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Made it - just

Long time no posts, probably my longest absence since I started to blog.  Ironically, the effect of this has been to see the hits on the blog go through the roof.  Seems the less I write, the more people like it. 

Truth is I've been pretty done in.  Getting to sabbatical (which started Easter Monday) was a struggle and was probably only made possible by time at New Word Alive the week before, which, once again, proved to be a refuelling post along the way.  The rest of the time was spent in frantic activity trying to get everything done before I started sabbatical.  I got most of it done, handed on the rest and have probably forgotten a bunch of things. 

Came back feeling much more positive from NWA, encouraged by good solid, encouraging and challenging talks.  And some difficult feedback to face on returning but Easter weekend was good, people responding to the cross and all that it achieved, I had the pleasure of praying with one person who wanted to recommit their life to Christ, which puts any setbacks into perspective. 

But the exhaustion I felt has been the reason for the silence my end.  Sabbatical is now well under way and I am slowly being recalibrated.  My first goal is to start adopting a normal sleep pattern, achieved just twice so far.  Unwinding is a slow and rather uncomfortable experience but I need to go through it. 

Listened to a Tim Keller sermon on Elijah yesterday that points out that when Elijah was feeling like he was done in and he just wanted to die, God feed him and gave him sleep, as well as offering him renewed relationship and spiritual food.  We are physical, relational, and spiritual beings and we need to be healthy on each level - and probably lots of others too.  His application is that sometimes we don't need prayer or to listen to a sermon but a good meal and a B&B by the seaside, to listen to great music and to read a good novel.  Sounds good to me.  Watch this space... 

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