Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Cotswold Way

I've been thinking about it for a while and it's time to put it into print.  That way I can't chicken out.  Next spring I get a sabbatical for three months from my day to day responsibilities and as well as visiting other churches and researching new ideas for ministry here, I get to do some things that will replenish me. 

Hence I have decided to spend some of the time walking the Cotswold Way.  This doesn't involve mincing around or wandering around with a vacant stare whilst sucking on grass stems.  It's the 102 mile route which runs from Chipping Camden down to Bath.  I've wanted to do it since I was a kid and so here's my chance.  Nothing heroic (unlike my friend Natalie who walked the 630 mile South West Coastal Path with barely a day off) but I plan to take it in two day sections, taking eight days to cover the whole thing.  Having said that, I will be taking my camera and knowing me that will slow me down considerably, so it might take longer. 

Today I was in Taunton with my favourite parishioner and while searching the shelves at Waterstones for a walking guide to the Cotswold Way I found Part One of a two volume work on the walk from Canterbury to Rome.  Felt like my stroll was very small beer in comparison but then it's probably frowned upon for Baptist ministers to go to make the journey to Rome on a sabbatical. 

Looking forward to it immensely though and just wanted to tell people in case I felt like backing out nearer the time. 

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  1. (1) Chipping Campden has three "p"s not two!
    (2) The C/Way runs somewhere near Cheltenham
    (3) You have an old (in both senses) friend who lives there
    (4) Plan accordingly!